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Everything is proceeding exactly as I had foreseen it

It has become increasingly clear that the imminent global threat posed by Iraq’s WMD programs, one of the administration’s main selling points for our little war, was grossly exaggerated. As time wears, more and more holes in the argument appear. The intelligence that Iraq attempted to purchase uranium in Africa was shown to be fabricated. Rumors from within the intelligence community point to policy driving output, rather than output driving policy, and now critics are being outed in order to ensure that the rest remain in line. The certainty of the locations and types of chemical and biological agents being developed has been replaced with calls to be patient, to let weapons inspectors do their jobs. We are now talking about possibilities. So many statements begin with, "IF these weapons exist..." that it’s hard to accept that the evidence was as compelling as was represented.

In the face of the criticism that the administration has been unable to demonstrate that the much-vaunted imminent global threat existed, the hawks have fallen back from the argument. It was only one of the reasons that led to the war, they say. Ousting Hussein’s regime was a major step in our war on terror.


In their recently published annual report, the International Institute for Strategic Studies assessed that the war in Iraq has likely increased al-Qaida’s recruiting power, morale, and operational capability, and further, that any conclusive failure to find WMD in Iraq will only serve to heighten this problem. In other words, though the US may have eliminated a state that supported terrorist activities, the means by which we accomplished this has actually strengthened radicalist resolve and made the world less safe. We have simply perpetuated the problem we supposedly aimed to address.

And pray, do not venture towards the "bringing democracy to Iraq" rhetoric.

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