Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Here I am with another throwaway entry

Brunch, Bottle and Brew this Sunday. Typical setup - House of Twelve Maples, noonish, bring stuff if you want it.

The Wormwood ale is ready to bottle now, and I'm thinking that if we don't do Pabst Blue Chicken (I know its short notice, but if the materials are good to go, so am I), I'll probably brew a Maple Ale just for the sake of. Drop me a line if you think you might come.

Other than that, I've no plans for the weekend, so if you were to call or drop a line if something's happening, I'd be grateful. No, seriously.

In other news, I may have utterly screwed something I needed to do this week, which means I'll likely be doing the insomniac thing this weekend as I try to prepare for the inevitable backlash.

So, um.... OLE!

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