Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Cry Wolf

Dear Mr. Bush,

It has recently been revealed that you contend that the recent escalation in attacks on American troops and others in Iraq, now up to thirty-three per day, is a sign of desperation in the face of the success of our mission there. Leaving aside that it has never been clear just what our mission in Iraq was, I feel the need to point out that even members of your administration have pointed out that success is a long ways off.

The people seem to agree. According to a recent study, only fourteen percent of Iraqis view American and British troops as liberators while fully two-thirds believe that our troops represent an occupying army. In the face of this, I must also take issue with your observation that "Iraq is a dangerous place... because terrorists want us to leave, and we’re not leaving." That the majority Iraqi populace believes that their country is under military occupation suggests that the majority of the people for whom you belatedly developed a soft heart "want us to leave." And while Mr. Blair has stated that the attacks have been carried out by evil people who do not wish to see a prosperous Iraq, I would remind you that these "evil people" likely have at least the unspoken support of 66% of the Iraqi populace.

The main reason why I am writing is that like many others, I am beginning to question your use of the word terrorist. I suppose it makes good press since terrorists have been spun as the new Nazis. I mean really, who can disagree with killing Nazis, right? Seriously, though, while your declaration of the end of hostilities and the completion of the "liberation" of Iraq allows you to cast the decidedly hostile activity in the American Occupied Territories as performed by inhumane monsters bent on self-destruction, I believe this is an inaccurate portrayal of the situation. Where you see terrorist attacks, others will suggest that there is instead a brilliant guerilla campaign being waged against a nation whose population has shown a unique distaste for extended military actions that lack genuine purpose.

In case you were wondering, the war never ended. While we remain shackled to an outmoded attrition warfare mindset, those who oppose the American and British occupation of Iraq appear to have adopted a strategy that will likely outlast our resolve.

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