Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

On having empty carboys

I think I'll be brewing a steam beer tomorrow night after I help S2 move a couch into their new place. For those who aren't familiar, steam beer is a malty, agressively hopped offering made with lager yeast that are fermented at ale temperatures, then cold conditioned prior to bottling. I think the storage areas under the eaves of my house now remain cool enough for the secondary, and I want to give this a run before I try to make a bock for the spring. Really, I just want to have something working and this seems to be a good project.

Sometime in between the holidays, I'll organize another major gathering (perhaps with a tasting?) where we can brew something dark and perhaps even the whole hive mead I keep threatening.

Update: Well, not so much update as addendum, and that for a specific reader... c_m_i, this is the page I mentioned in passing that sells oak products for conditioning. It looks like the bourbon oaking is something we'll have to do in secondary, but it does seem to have promise.

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