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On production pottery

I require consults after coming away from class last night:

1) For technocowboy: I have been practicing throwing from the hump again, and am getting very close to being able to produce a series of small cups of roughly the same dimensions. Since I've a jar that's already bisqued and waiting for the squad of cups, I'd anticipate I can have something off to you before Yule. This brings me to the glaze question - Is there a color scheme you had in mind? Most of what's available for the stoneware ends up being earthy or dark. Left to my own devices, I might do a reprieve of my first jar, glazing the exterior a gunmetal grey and the interior a deep blue, but any suggestions are welcome.

2) For couplingchaos: I threw a pitcher last night that I think might be yours. There's still work to be done before it goes into bisque, but I'm thinking ahead. Was there an ideal presentation you had in mind, or will you leave it to my tender mercies?

In either case, I'll need to make arrangements to get you folks the goods. We can talk about that more as the time draws near.

I'll gladly entertain other projects that any of you speak up about. I can't promise a quick turn around, but I will do my best. Tankards? Teapots? Just ask.

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