Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Foxed Beer and the Age of Steam

Canto I: A Slight Mishap
My roommate may have foxed my steam beer. In spite of our discussions about the process and the dangers of exposing beer to light, he carelessly left the door of the closet wide open all day Monday. The closet happens to be in the brightest room in the house, and Monday was particularly clear and sunshiney.

I don't have a lot to base an evaluation on because I've never attempted brewing this type of beer before. What I have noticed is that the spent hops resin that caked on the upper part of the carboy has turned a yellowish-brown, and the scent coming off of the airlock is not as delicious as the ales I've done so far. I don't know. I guess I'll just have to hope for the best and give it a taste when I transfer it to secondary for conditioning.

Canto II: Bottlemania
I've decided that I really like the bottles that Anchor Brewing uses. That being the case, I have embarked on a quest to gather two cases worth for use in my own kitchen and will need your help. I have collected twelve so far, leaving a solid thirty-six bottles and the boxes to hold them left to gather. I am asking for a few stalwart souls to volunteer to drink at least one bottle and then pass your empties along to me. If it will help to motivate you, I'll even come up with an elaborate explanation of how this project will benefit the greater good.

Anchor's Christmas Ale should be on the shelves already.

Canto III: Everyone's Good Idea
I'm not sure yet when this will be happening, but at some point in the near future, I'd like to have a tasting at my place to accompany another long brewing session. Drew suggested that we attempt to create a beer whereby everyone involved in the brew contributes some idea and/or some material towards its making. Dying to use chocolate? It goes in. Want to add oak flavor? We figure out a way to make that happen, too.

The trick will be collecting all of the various ideas beforehand and coming up with a balanced way to create a single unified whole. If you're interested, let's start talking now about what you might like to see and I'll start brainstorming and making return suggestions based on the feedback I get.

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