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News from Johny Pneumonic

Convalescing is boring and lonely business. That said, major props go out to mudguts for stopping by last night to have pie and to deliver a bag full of viewing pleasure. Mad Max made my day a little more bearable, and the green chile chili was quite tasty.

By contrast, the roommate continues to self-fixate and has asked me for reassurances on three separate occasions that bacterial pneumonia is not contagious. I have no idea, but the question is beginning to make me want to pretend to be a "fabulous twenty-something" and drink all of his scotch.

Gorgoth the Snow Demon has returned, though he is not quite so breathtaking with his proliferation throughout the suburbs last season. Perhaps sensing this, his return was accompanied by the latest beast summoned from the abyss to ward this house throughout the holiday season. Rumor has it that he is known as Skeltar the Undead Reindeer. (My madness truly knows no bounds.)

Incidentally, I'm still sick, but the coughing has for the most part stopped.

Oh, beer folk... I need to rack the Steam tomorrow night. If you're free and have any interest in helping me not contaminate the brew, drop me a line. Hell, drop me a line anyways.

Hope you're all well.

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