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So we can 'membah, we does the tell...

I got to thinking about culture again as I crossed Downtown Crossing and the third holiday shopper nearly plowed into me. Like the others, she had had plenty of time and plenty of room, but she was so distracted, so absent of the moment she was in, that she had no awareness of anything around her. This is my culture. I don't have a grandfather who chides me for not properly honoring my ancestors. I don't have deeply honored traditions that have carried the meaning of who I am through the generations. I have ill-tempered holiday shoppers who are in such a hurry to spend money they don't have on things they don't need that they walk blindly into each other. My initiation is into a world without sight. My shamans talk of holiday sales as economic projectors.

It's strange to come again to these thoughts, though I suppose there's reason enough. Feeling the urge to brew at the first snow was probably enough to trigger this again. Here, there is something that could well have been a tradition. I'm left to create something new rather than carry on something that was wrought. I cannot tell stories in my language of the first who called the spirits to celebrate the coming of the snows. There's just me, and perhaps those who choose to partake with me. Maybe there will be stories, but not of the sort to tell our grandchildren.

Second Circle's annual Mighty Baking of Many Pies seems to call up this same sense of meaningful ritual. There, a community gathers around something of pure simplicity and spends the day working and playing together. And think of the signicance of The Device. We extoll its virtues, marvel over what it does, and even go so far as to use it for great feats of speed and precision.

It is brilliant.

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