Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

The minutiae of my life in list form

Here's a list of decidedly non-work things I need to get done before noon on Saturday:

- Send money to my creditors
- Clean the living room
- Throw new rug down for that homey look and feel
- Clean the kitchen and bleach work surfaces
- Clean the bathroom
- Buy lightbulbs because my housemate seems incapable of it
- Sweep the stairs
- Attend this session's final ceramics class [to glaze a pitcher]
- Grocery shop for many things including honey, chocolate chips and sexy cheese
- Gather ingredients for chocolate stout
- Buy a set of growlers
- Bottle the steam beer
- Make cookies and possibly bread
- Prep bottles, carboy, and tools for bottling and brewing.

Be sure to check back for exciting dynamic updates!

UPDATE THE FIRST: For the love of Pete, the roomie's home tonight (12/16), and cleaning while he's home is like fighting the tide.

UPDATE THE SECOND: As it turns out, the pitcher didn't make it to firing until last night's (12/17) load, so I had very little to do in the class. I did do some slip work on my remaining piece and gabbed with Wayne and Lisa for a while. Still don't know what to do for next session.

UPDATE THE THIRD: Growlers are freakin' expensive, so they're just going to have to wait. Sexy cheese was acquired, but it required a special trip. Oh, and there was no malto-dextrose for the stout. I got lactose, so any ideas about this being a milk stout are probably well founded. I love you all still.

UPDATE THE FOURTH: Well, no, not everything got done. Enough got done that I wasn't embarassed to have company.

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