Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Thought of the zombie

I keep finding myself up much later than I had intended. I know that I feel tired, but there's a restlessness that has touched me. More and more, it feels like if I go to sleep I'll miss something horribly important. Someone will try to call or write and when I discover this when I wake up in the morning, I'll be horribly disappointed. I'm spending my nights waiting for something to happen, and the anticipation is making me crazy. I think that I'm mostly just lonely.

Last night's self-spawned adventures proved fruitful, though there were som unforeseen glitches. I've been forced lactose for the stout because there was a run on malto-dextrine at the Modern Brewer. Actually, all of their stocks have been pretty well depleted since it appears that half of the population of Somerville has decided to become involved in the hobby this Yule. It makes me happy that c_m_i and wildflowersoul have gotten the bug. It also makes me happy the the store is generating that much business. It makes me less happy that I was having difficulty gathering ingredients for this week's project.

I'm still behind in my work, and I'm behind enough that the development projects which I'm really supposed to be doing as a manager are nigh impossible to contemplate. I am not an animal a file clerk. I'm truly meant to be a systems person.

I find myself wondering if there's a branch of library science that would be applicable to this kind of document management...

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