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A little less than a happy high
Your mission, should you choose to accept it...
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schmi From: schmi Date: January 28th, 2004 04:21 pm (UTC) (Link)
That's easier. Hmm.. I know next to nothing about you, so I guess I would like to know a bit more of your life so I could relate to you more. I guess that's a hard question to answer though!
komos From: komos Date: January 29th, 2004 09:13 pm (UTC) (Link)


When I went to nursery school, I was teased out of my native language because I really didn't understand English.

I nearly drowned twice before the age of five.

My first sexual experience was awkward, clumsy, and not terribly satisfying.

My parents divorced when I was thirteen, and my initial response was being pleased that my father was moving out of the house.

I used to talk to Orion (the constellation) as a way to get my head straight.

I love that in Tuscon, AZ, there are restaurants where you can dine while watching javelina.

I once stood about 6 feet away from a full grown bull moose.
schmi From: schmi Date: February 3rd, 2004 03:08 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Teasers

What was your native language? :)

And at the risk of sounding ignorant, what's javelina?
komos From: komos Date: February 4th, 2004 01:14 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Teasers

I grew up speaking Maine gutter-French. It's all but gone now.

Javelina are bush pigs native to South America which migrated north. They've become pretty common in some parts of the American southwest.
schmi From: schmi Date: February 4th, 2004 02:44 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Teasers

Are ou originally French then?
komos From: komos Date: February 5th, 2004 02:43 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Teasers

Heh... still am, really.

Seriously, though, I'm a second generation Quebecois transplant. The spoken word came from having grown up in a pocket French-Canadian community that has all but disolved at this point.
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