Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Reflections upon rescuing two pieces from the studio:

- From now on, every piece I throw will be twice as large as I think it needs to be. My "Half Again As Much" idea didn't seem to make much of a change in the outcome, and the pitcher promised to couplingchaos is much more wee than I had intended.

- I really need to get my handles under control. Right now, they kind of fling wildly into space.

- I forget what I was going to say here.

- I need to find a new studio where I can be involved in the whole process. While this idea isn't new, I run into it every time I get something back from the fire.

- Even failed experiments can turn out ok sometimes.

Aside from pulling the pitcher and bowl, I checked to see that the piece that was in the works when last I was in was still there. I'm not sure if it hold enough moisture to keep working with it, but I'm hoping it'll be my first experiment carving slip. Carving slip is sexy. Dead sexy.

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