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Taking Stock

I’ve had another week lost to gaming addiction. I’ve dragged myself to work where I mostly took up space and accomplished next to nothing. I also managed at a couple of points to get out of the house with the intent of playing cards, only to find that everyone was strangely absent. (You were my only social contact for the week… WHERE WERE YOU ALL???) Aside from that, I’ve been sitting in front of Civ III attempting to get the Greeks a supply of gunpowder or figuring out how to use the Indian war elephant.

Ok, so I’m a geek. This is news to people?

I also managed to shoot my wad last Friday when I went to see Blade II with the gang in celebration of gadiel’s b-day, but that’s more of an excuse for not finding ways to go out than a real explanation. That was fun, at least, and social, too.

I promised more reasons why I’ve been away from writing, and I hate to disappoint. For all you heathens (I love heathens) out there who haven’t noticed, Lent is ending. If you’ve been reading this, you probably remember that I started the season with a plan to embark on a grand experiment</a>. The day of reckoning has come, and it’s not entirely pretty. Between just getting lazy when Sam came into town and then having the bureaucracy announce that it was time to screw with me again, the past two weeks were an entire wash, leaving a project that had fits and starts to begin with on a terribly sour note. So, in taking stock, I find:

1) I never did make it into the gym. I started walking to Davis and back instead of taking the bus, and that felt good. With Sam’s visit, I got back into bad habits concerning sleep and food and the past two weeks have seen me doing nothing.

2) My home and office space are still filled with the wreckage of my angst. Needless to say, I don’t feel like I’ve taken control of my space. I have cleaned my kitchen and bathroom, and convinced our landlord to take care of some of the “issues” around the apartment. I’ve even made plans to paint and re-tile the bathroom, though finding spare weekend time seems to be a bit of a problem for the foreseeable future.

3) I did make a couple of pots of soup, and there was a stretch where I was bringing my lunches in. Again, this has gone to hell in the past two weeks.

4) I’ve been to the UMass/Boston website to browse their catalogue. For an inexplicable reason, I didn’t request that a catalogue be sent to me. I can do this today.

5) I will give myself credit for starting to get my finances in order. My bills are paid and on time, I’ve moved most of my debt onto my least onerous card, and there even seems to be a little bit of a surplus this month. I’m still not budgeted per se, but I have an idea of how much I can actually spend before I start moving into dangerous territories. I still have yet to get in touch with F regarding work on Saturdays, but that may be coming soon

So there you have it. No, it wasn’t an entire failure, but I really think I could have done a whole lot better.

And, come to think of it, doing this wasn’t near so painful as I thought it might be.

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