Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Reflections upon bottling the English Bitters that has been conditioning lo these past few weeks:

- A team of three works far more quickly and efficiently to bottle five gallons of homebrew than I do on my own. In fact, brewing on the whole seems a much more enjoyable prospect in the company of friends.

- Regardless, I am thoroughly fascinated in the process, and while it doesn't have the immediacy and focus that throwing does, there is a kind of "chop wood, carry water" zen to it.

- Making beer really is quite easy. It mostly just takes time and a little bit of involvement.

- The First Snow Old Ale is very good, in spite of having been brewed in the middle of my bout with pneumonia, a stalled fermentation, and a last minute scramble for bottles. It goes really well with Old Amsterdam cheese.

My carboys are again empty and I want to brew again. I also want to learn how to make cheese and to start baking bread again. Consider it my nod to our "lost arts." If any of these endeavors interest you, do please let me know. I want company, and failing that, ideas.

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