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Free from the construct

Had a full, if geeky, weekend.

Friday I ran the pre-release for Dark Allies at YMG for a crowd of nearly twenty souls. Though the tournament went well, prize support was entirely non-existent because of a last minute change in store policy. We already had the most expensive pre-releases in the area, and I’ve been running the events much the same way for the last two years, so you can probably imagine that I was a little dismayed when I was approached by someone at the store as we began signups that players would be charged full retail for the product. I’ve made arrangements to talk with management in the near future, so hopefully it can get resolved before the next one comes around.

Played 7th Sea, too, and was happy to learn that my deck still works in spite of being hopelessly out of date.

Saturday was a big strategic-level tournament at Scholar’s in Bridgewater. I got to be the daimyo for the Crab, and successfully met most of the goals I set for us at the beginning of the day. The Crab even placed third even though I was generally too busy to think in terms of points. The experience gave me new respect for the work managed by the daimyos at the YMG event a couple of weeks ago. It’s a very stressful job, especially at the beginning of the day when you are desperately trying to figure out who your potential friends are, and conversely, who’s decided that your very presence is antithetical to every goal they have. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, I had a lot of fun. I even managed to find a box of Spirit Wars boosters, so I came away from the day on a bit of a high note. (There will probably be more on this later as I try to process some of my internal workings during the day.)

Sunday was Easter, though that didn’t hold any real significance for me since there was really no place special for me to be, and that was ok. That, and I’ve already made peace with myself for the half-measures I took for my grand experiment and have decided to continue with those changes even if I do move at my typical glacial pace. I played Civ III for a while, then talked to Samantha while Joe played Civ III for a while. Had a brief conversation with Paul about a sentient AI construct in Chung Kuo. (I think it’s very cool that he likes the series as much as I did.) Later, I ended up hanging out with Drew at Redbones and The Burren. We had beer, ogled a waitress who was just too cool to be actually approachable (we’re talking sock-monkey cool here), and talked about the game, relationships, and other weirdness that make up our respective lives. Got to see his place, his collection of masterfully done minis, and his 1970’s “porn star” bathroom.

In all, not bad.

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