Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

[Insert Scream Here]

Crossposted to homebrewing...

My housemate lacks all sense of situational awareness, and while in most cases this has little effect on me, recently it has caused me pain.

A couple of weeks ago, I brewed a Belgian tripel and set it to work in our pantry. This was all well and good until I came home one particularly sunny afternoon to find the pantry door swung wide open. Hoping for the best, I shut the door and blocked it with some empty bottles. The next day, also a peculiarly sunny one, I came home to find that the bottles had been kicked aside and the door swung wide open again.

I left him a note that said that if the beer was lightstruck, I would lose my shyte.

I finally got around to racking the beer on Tuesday. It smells great, with something of a citrusy-apple going on, but it tastes like pennies.

The three things I've learned since I started doing this are: 1) 'splodey bottles are a drag; 2) while cheese is often quite good with beer, under no circumstances should beer smell like cheese; and 3) skunked beer tastes like pennies.

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