Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Notes from the wheelhead

There's no need to freak out when I throw a form that is better than anything I've done previous. In fact, I'm still at a point where this is a fairly common occurrence. Progress and growth are to be expected, and if I can remain calm when I see evidence of them, more will be gotten from the experience.

Similarly, I mustn't get ahead of myself. While a proficiently thrown bowl is decidedly something to be pleased about, it doesn't mean that I should immediately attempt to throw a full-sized amphora. Nothing but frustration will come of it. That time will come. Mastery is to be found in breathing life into those things that are taken for granted. As c_m_i has said about CBC, 'so you can make an amazing specialty brew... you can’t be called a great brewer if your amber still tastes horrible.'

If I plan to spend more than three hours in the studio at a time, I must bring food. Hitting a wall while centering five pounds of clay can lead to no good. It's too easy to get distracted, and getting sloppy quickly follows. This is especially true when I’ve gotten ahead of myself and am trying to throw an enormous vase on the heels of a respectable bowl.

One final thing - while I'm generally fond of drumming, having amateurs bang out tribal rhythms in the ballroom above the studio is less than optimal. It's rather like trying to throw trapped in an o-taiko while a drummer with more energy than talent tries to set the battle of Sekigahara to a mambo beat. Damn hippies. Little do they know that there is a revolt fomenting below their feet. They shall know our mud-spattered rage.

After all, we have pointy sticks.

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