Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Confessio Amantis

Tonight, as I was walking through the bar at Rock Bottom trying to find a space to stand and drink, I accidentally bumped into a pretty young woman with her back to me. Always the gentleman, as she looked over her shoulder at me, I offered a 'sorry about that' that was accentuated with a conciliatory gesture that somehow brought my left hand in full contact with her butt cheek. I am so lucky I didn't get a drink thrown at me, but I was just being clumsy, I swear*.

I was there to meet jawalter who was being a prince among men tonight for treating me to the ballet tonight. It was most excellent, and included a scene done in part without music and wholy without shoes... something I can't remember ever having seen before.

One other realization I had during the performance was that when I watch athletic people doing something beautiful, I tend to get depressed. That said, I need to be moving in the right direction by the time Cirque returns ortherwise I'm positively going to be in a state. Add the bike to the list of gadgets I need to get more use out of.

*I will confess, however, that I did get a certain amount of pleasure from just how firm she was but... STOP LAUGHING!

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