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Wake up, wake up

When things go amiss, I find myself returning to basics. These are things that are not so much mundane (though I have come to appreciate just how extraordinary the ordinary can be), but rather things that remind me of who I am. At their heart, they remind me of what it means for me to be human, to have desires, to experience awe and love and peace.

Tonight, I got to see Blue Man Group thanks to the delightful agoodshinkickin. I suppose they might seem an unlikely match, but they have fascinated me since I first learned of them back in the day. During their performances, I pass through delight and joy and then can be touched by sadness and sometimes fear. Here, I am inspired to think and feel. It is cathartic.

To each their own. I happen to find myself in odd places.


In other news, a review of my horrid, terrible, very bad tax trouble has revealed itself to be not quite so horrid, terrible or very bad. Things are still bad, but for once a financial crisis has adjusted itself downwards, and I'm finding a strange comfort in that. This is an alarm call. I can manage if I live deliberately, and there's something that's begun working in my head.

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