Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Also from the fire

The two most recent pieces to come out of the glaze fire were inadvertent test tiles for the curious interaction of glazes. This has given them both a little more character than I had anticipated. The glass pulled away from the fluted lip of one of the bowls and made beads all around the edge. It's akin to the effect that you'll find in some Shino tea bowls only random and unintentional. Just one more step in the grand experiment.

The other bowl spawned a conversation with one of the office architects who initially thought that I had been given the form pre-made to paint and glaze. When he learned that it had been thrown and not molded, he became very excited, talking about lines and structure and design. We talked at length about the strengths and flaws of the piece. It was an acknowledgement of where I am right now with an eye to how I can grow. I again have to say that having artists in my life is a very good thing.

If I can manage it, pics later.

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