Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

mit eBay

Today, I learned from four different sources that I can fire my boss into space with eBay. I kept imagining this "eBay" to be some sort of elaborate booster rocket system or maybe even a space elevator, but really, it's just the same old online fleamarket, which for some reason is using an anonymous email address in Denmark to ask me to verify my credit card number. I sure hope they get it right this time1.

'Course, I'm not the only one being snarky this evening. The HMV at downtown crossing has posted signs that say:

We are closed.
Never to reopen.
Our doors are shut forever.
Thank you."

I can just picture Obscure-Music Kid becoming incensed at being pestered while packing up the last of the inventory that didn't sell during the clearance and slapping them on the windows one by one. It just makes me want to tousle his ironic haircut underneath his ironic hat and say, "Cheer up OMK... you can fire your boss with eBay!2."

1In case there is any concern, no, I wasn't a chump.
2Or maybe I would just remind him that he didn't shop there either.

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