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Life imitates art

Laurie’s been the driving motivation for Pablo and I getting to the iron pours. Friday was apparently her first time manning a kiln, and in the afters, we had been talking about getting her pics from the evening. The email I found from her this morning really surprised me. Even though I knew that Paul referred her here to get a first glimpse of the images, it hadn’t occurred to me that she might keep reading, or that she’d offer this:

Peter, if you'd like a tour of MassArt sometime I'd be happy to show you around. I used to do a lot of ceramics before I went to MassArt... now I'm am trying to focus my energy primarily on metal (you can't do EVERYTHING, even though I sure as hell try). I did take a tableware class with Ben Ryterband last semester so I am pretty familiar with MassArt's ceramics facilities, plus I know a lot of ceramics majors [...]

(Yes, that’s otherwise inexpressible glee.)

Not to sound too mystical, but sometimes, it amazes me just how much help you get along the way when you are consciously pursuing something that is absolutely right for you.

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