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A journey of a thousand miles

missmelysse found her way to my lj over the weekend as part of a six degrees-type game that someone on Open Diary created. I thought it was an interesting idea, being something of a departure from my normal lj exploration along lines of interest, and have decided to give it a run.

Basically, the idea is to start with someone you know and then follow links to their readers, and then their readers, etc. The rules of the game are as follows:

1) The first link in your chain must be someone on your friends list.
2) You choose one of their commenters, and read a few of their entries. Leave a note.
3) Select a commenter from that person, and repeat.
4) List the links and any observations of, say, whether you seem to share interests or if there are other commenters whom you recognize, in an entry in your LJ.
5) Don't judge. The idea is to explore the folks read by the folks you read.
6) Avoid following links to people who are already on YOUR friends list.
7) Number of links should be between six and ten.

This will likely be a long process for me since I feel like I should to delve as deeply as I can before moving on. I'm thinking it'll be days before I'm through, but I will get the process started today.

1) My first stop had to be agoodshinkickin. It was her indirect influence that led me to lj to begin with. Aside from being a pleasure to read, she has a friends list that goes far beyond my ken, and there's been no one to whom she's introduced me that I didn't find interesting. Besides that, I needed to comment on her new collar. I reread a number of her entries and then found my way to...

2) vicissitude He seemed a good choice since I wanted to take this in a direction away from my immediate circle, and I don't think he's someone I've met hanging out at 2nd Circle or elsewhere. (I could well be wrong... suffice to say that I don't remember having met him). His interest set includes a lot of things that I probably should include as well, and I have to confess that it's refreshing to come across someone who seems so happy. After reading through his entries, checking out his graphic design site (coolness), and getting the fever for a ride, I visited...

3) ayun. Ok, something of a confession here... this choice was not entirely random. I had passed this lj before in my travels and at the time I didn't really have a chance to delve all that deeply. Now, I'm glad I took the time for the revisit. It's simply magnificent stuff, and I've a serious case of journal envy here. She also keeps bookdork, and I'm considering putting both on my friends list because her entries are so vivid. Before getting entirely wrapped up, I found my way to...

4) majorweather. Had no idea what I was up to here. I don't think I'd ever seen her before (unlike comicserpent), so I gave it a run. She's a grad student in literature on the West Coast who's looking for a claw-foot tub. More coolness. One of her entries was a discussion of writing as ritual which drew from a paper that she presented at a conference. Really liked her ideas surrounding this as well as the discussion that it opened.

5) Took a couple of days off and then visited beatnikside. First off, Myrna Loy listed as an interest? Kickin'! He's another photographer who has embedded pieces in his journal, a practice I'm really starting to like. Good sense of humor, and an even better sense of the absurd. He's in Vegas, so I took the liberty to ask for tips for Ms_E and company, 'cause, well, they're going to VEGAS.

6) Next stop, 4hour_ramona. After contemplating the great mysteries of the color of Thousand Island dressing and whether cereal or burritos were indeed a more sublime meal (not to mention making a mental note that I’ve been to the co-op in Minneapolis she spoke of...), I took some time to really look at some of the photos she has embedded in her journal. Really liked the shot with the locks for some reason.

7) A clever turn of phrase in the burrito/cereal conversation (specifically, the "*wantishness versus easiality* ratio") led me to check out neon_trancer Still not finished there, but that's coming soon.

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