Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Money Matters

Last Friday, a friend who saw me with a can of PBR in hand did a double-take and said it just looked wrong. Drew was walking by at the time and quipped, "This is what it looks like to live within your means."

I was coming home on the T on Monday and overheard a woman speaking about figuring out a way to close off the living room in her apartment so she could get another roommate and "save some money so she could buy a house." It seemed a desperate thing to do, but I started thinking it was downright dumb when she said, "I wish I could do it with my kitchen, too. I never use the kitchen. I eat every meal out, so I never cook."

Incidentally, I haven't forgotten the dislike of the credit/debt cycle. It's just that for me, there are some things I find are worth overriding hard principles since they seem to be answering a part of my Self. It's a short list, though, generally attributed to loose categories like "education" and "artistic endeavor." The recommendation wasn't made lightly.

'sall for now.

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