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Kid just loves him some cows

For those who asked.

From Hughes-Gilbey:
For Poires Belle Angevine, core peeled pears carefully from the base but leave the stalks on1. Poach them in a syrup made from red wine and sugar to taste, infused with a cinamon stick and a bruised strip of lemon peel2. When tender, cut a slice from the base of each, set them upright in a shallow serving bowl and reduce the syrup until thick but not caramelized3. Cool, and correct the sweetness with lemon juice or more sugar; spoon over the pears and chill. Sprinkle with pear brandy, if liked, before serving.

1The presentation for this is simply gorgeous, but if you screw up want something a little less fussy, you can cut the pears into halves or even bite-sized chunks.
2In keeping with most of her work, Hughes-Gilbey is notably unspecific with quantities. I used nearly a cup of sugar to a bottle of wine just because I really liked the big flavor that it seemed to be bringing out.
3I cooked it down to a little more than one third of its original volume.

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