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A little less than a happy high
Pointy Stick People Ascendant
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From: skygoodwill Date: June 18th, 2004 01:14 pm (UTC) (Link)
eye_abstain's comment inspired me to comment.

'Goddess-oriented' cultures or so-called survived and were usually smaller in size depending on the terrain they lived on. They survived the warmonger through stealth, camouflage, and intelligence/foresight. Also by creating wonderment with the creative appearance of control of natural forces, ie. fire, smoke, lightening, etc... To think these cultures eshewed 'phallic' use of weaponry is ridiculous. Would they cut down trees too, for the sole purpose that they are phallic?

Its disturbing the notion that the feminine is all passive and peaceful and does nothing but knit. (oops pointy things apparent). In fact, it is the hidden feminine in men that drives men to action. What kind of action is determined by the spirit/quality of that feminine.

Creating strife, death, theivery, annihilation, despair, confusion, doubt, pain, suffering etc... all indications of a poisoned well. The inner waters.

The masculine drive is have things function. And this is the hidden impulse in women. This is the premise that women are better equipped in creating a society, for they are instinctually driven and aware of what functions and what does not and will continue unbidden to make it work to their liking until forced to stop. And since they lack, in general, outer strength, they band together to reach their goals of a functioning society.

A society dominated by women is very much at risk... for it takes only a few drops of the dark spirit of a few members to begin the domino effect. Men have witnessed this in their own families and in their communities over and over again. It begins with perfectly happy healthy female members having unexplained anxieties that quietly remain unvoiced and then over time are constant Chicken Littles running around with their heads cut off. The ones resisting, are in constant spinning thought attempting to solve the riddle getting no where until they finally are completely without life force. There is no one to left to care for the society as they are all paralysed in fear. It is then that men are recruited to begin the dark bidding of the dark ones.

Puppetted from behind, as the dark feminine force takes them over, the others begin to wake up, freed from the bonds, but then see men in control. In their lack of wisdom, and drive to see things function, they judge the actions of the men as being BECAUSE THEY ARE MEN, and believe the solution is to destroy their authority. The result? Societies dominated by men, puppeted by the dark feminine, with the positive feminine resisting, degredation, and very very slow change and evolvement; with some massive disasters/wars/famines/population wipe-outs along the way.

A healthy balance is always required.

That said in the experimental scenario, if the numbers were the same, the 'Frisbee' tribe would succeed by stealth, use of fire and full cohesive defense, if forced to. Prior to that, there would be the foresight to send emissaries to examine the needs of the 'Pointy Stick People', invent or find a common enemy and work together to provide safety to the land. Commerce would be set up, and outer trading of goods with other communities. 'Frisbee' people would hide their production, only showing half the sustainable goods for their community. The 'Pointy Stick People' would look elsewhere as it would not be viable to raid. Nor would they reason how they could sustain themselves with so little, for they too sustain themselves on so little.
komos From: komos Date: June 18th, 2004 04:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
That's the trouble with exercises that begin from a flawed premise... they end up not really being reflective of reality. Starhawk's sanctification of her feminist political agenda has always struck me as about as appealing as the Roman Catholic notion of women as the weaker sex.

Incidentally, the response you've suggested from the villagers reminds me a lot of Kurosawa's Seven Samurai.
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