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Critique - A little less than a happy high — LiveJournal
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wisdom_seeker From: wisdom_seeker Date: July 7th, 2004 06:34 am (UTC) (Link)
It always amazes me how different glazes look pre- and post-firing. It makes the whole process that much more magical, and the level of skill needed to produce a certain glazing effect much greater. I like the vase, but I look forward to seeing them "in the flesh," so to speak, so I can really look at the two bowls. Your form really is improving :-)
komos From: komos Date: July 7th, 2004 07:40 am (UTC) (Link)
It's simple process if you don't have to formulate glazes yourself. I've gotten better largely from picking up tips and tricks from more experienced folks. Like most everything else in pottery, patience and attention to detail go very far.
38 comments or Leave a comment