Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows


Today, I...

... went to the offices of the MBTA to apply for a three month photo permit. As of 3:30PM EST, the T Police (They live inside of my head) have begun a background check to determine whether I am some kind of misguided liberal dangerous terrorist in the making. It seems weird to have to undergo a more rigorous background screening to take photos of buskers than for my job.

... got really angry at CL@W for again ignoring my request that she stop bringing me sweets, and told her so. I also stood my ground when she tried to pretend nothing was wrong. It felt good to lay such decisive groundwork for disentanglement.

... picked up some pieces at the studio, including Wee Fightin' Pitcher II and Soup Bowl with Dead Fish. Pictures will be forthcoming when I can find some natural light. UPDATE: While I was photographing the bowl, a woman stopped to ask me if the piece was Chinese and where I had purchased it. (!) Technically, it's really not my best piece, but I think the colors - celedon and navy - carry a lot of personality.

... saw Ozzy Osbourne getting into a waiting car outside of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. (I can't believe I forgot to write this earlier.)

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