Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Much Ado

It took an act of will, but I dragged myself away from my insomnia-induced and heat-inspired repose on my couch yesterday. The plan was to join Joe, Karen, Eric and Sam on the Commons for the final performance of the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company’s Much Ado About Nothing. What’s to say? It was great fun. The production had a couple of rough spots, but there was nothing that could have warranted the "Travesty of Shakespeare" label that a veteran theater aficionado drunken heckler yelled at the stage a couple of years ago. It was ribald and unrepentant, with a practiced delivery that made the most of the delight of the audience. Benedick’s performance at times reminded me of Kenneth Branagh in the 1993 film, and during several scenes (especially during the beginning of the deception of Benedick), Claudio seemed to show a bit of influence from Keanu Reeves circa Bill and Ted’s. Odd, but not as jarring as it sounds.

Speaking of the deception of Benedick, at some point during that scene, the actor threw himself onto our blanket, drank some water, ate some grapes, and took his own picture with my camera.

See you where Benedick hath hid himself?

We were also visited by a pretty green grasshopper. And I brought cheese. Comté, to be exact.

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