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This may have no purpose whatsoever.

I took this picture of a coffee roaster a couple of weeks ago because I thought it was a neat looking machine. It was right at the front of a place at the end of Pi Alley called Café au Lait that I would occasionally walk to for lunch. I can’t say that I ever had their coffee, but they baked their own baguettes and made them into the absolute best sandwiches downtown.

I use the past tense because they’ve closed. Sometime in the past two weeks, they pulled up stakes. Aside from the empty storefront, there’s no indication – no coffee roaster, no baguettes, no sign – that they ever even existed. My goat cheese and olives with tomato and arugula on fresh-baked bread is just another victim of the franchise wars. Which, of course, brings me to my next photo...

This recruitment center occupies space on Tremont Street that once housed offices of the Boston Archdiocese. Luckily, it became available just before the new Silver Line bus started running and depositing disaffected youths from the poorest parts of the city right across the street.

They’ve since changed their signage. I guess someone must have seen it and realized the endless potential for hilarity. Either that, or they realized that if they put their entrance on Park Place, they'd be that much closer to the bus stop. Always, thinkin', they is.

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