Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Still breathing.

I've just sent emails to two local Go clubs in an attempt to identify the player in this photo. I have done this entirely without considering my actions because clayrobeson said so. Actually, he said I should enter the photo into an amateur competition and not argue about it. In order to do so, I need to find the player to obtain a model release, and the emails are just a step along the way. If any of you have a template for the legalese needed for such a contract (you know who you are), please send it along so I can continue in this "no mind" state. If I stop to think too much about what I'm doing, I'll never get the entry sent off.

UPDATE: Oh god, what the hell am I doing??

Which reminds me... the First Snow Old Ale needs to be dropped off at Modern Brewer by the end of this week. While the outcome of the homebrew competition is of no importance whatsoever, actually entering is vital for me. Someone needs to kick me if I drag my feet any longer.


For those who were keeping track, the Faisan Braisé au Chou Rouge et aux Châtaignes just barely beat out the Gâteau aux Châtaignes in my recent poll. The two questions I have are a) whether knowledge that the gâteau is made with chocolate would change your vote and b) who's coming to dinner.

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