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Yes, but...

I just caught myself trying to write my third "Yes, but..." post in as many days. It would seem that there's some part of my psyche that has taken to searching out negative aspects of things and expounding on them even when not really necessary. Hell, I could say that even this evaluation falls into that category. YES, I've an analytical mind and am adept at discerning patterns, BUT that seems to come with a tendency to be hyper-critical of things.


I wil say this - Late last night I noticed a subtle shift in my mood or outlook or something. In case it's not been obvious, I've been in the doldrums lately. Sensing that shift was quite a rush. I actually got excited about something, I think in part because I sat and forced myself to post pics. And then there was my annual review which proved very positive despite my nigh-constant stress and hand-wringing. I really need to get less high-strung. There are just some learned habits that are hard to break.

Speaking of, I need to start thinking of myself less as an "object lesson" and start thinking of myself as a friend and an individual. It would go a long way to making the transition to a new way of being a reality.

'sAll for now. I hope your days have been lovely so far. Talk to me if they have, and even if they haven't.

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