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Kid just loves him some cows

For me, resignation is just being too tired to be angry anymore

Someone asked me not too long ago why it is that I don’t talk a whole lot with my neighbors. I wish I could say that it was as simple as being shy and not having a lot in common with them. These are both true, but neither would necessarily result in the isolation I often feel in the neighborhood. I take into consideration that I am “the other” – a single male with liberal leanings living in a neighborhood composed largely of conservative working-class families. Again, these differences shouldn’t be enough to cause the rift that exists, and they’re not.

No, what causes the tension is that so many of my neighbors have nasty streaks. The first hints were little things... the woman who “supervises” her children outside by occasionally bellowing at them through the window; the man who stacks garbage to block your car door when you park in front of his house; the parking spaces that get marked all winter, even when there’s no snow on the ground; the guy who threatened me with physical harm when I caught his kids whipping a dog with sticks and told them to knock it off. All manageable, really, but it doesn’t stop there.

Yesterday my car was towed because one of my neighbors complained to the police.

To be fair, I had let my registration lapse, and so put myself at risk. In fact, I was aware of the risk enough to spend most of this month parked at the Alewife garage. Yesterday, I left it home thinking that I should stop taking the chance of being pulled over and just leave it and take care of the necessary paperwork. As near as I can tell, the “abandoned car” complaint was made about twenty minutes after I started walking to the T, which means that it was towed maybe 30 minutes before I walked out of the RMV with new registration in hand. I came home and the car was gone. Last night I got to waste two hours of my life and $150 to get my car back*.

Now, if this were an isolated incident, I’d understand. What irks me is that even though there have been plenty of other unregistered vehicles parked on our street**, the only ones that have ever been towed have belonged to my housemate and me.

Maybe I’m paranoid, but it just doesn’t seem like coincidence.

*Incidentally, if something like this happens to you, bring cash. The bottom-feeders at the tow yard will not tell you that it’s the only form of payment they accept, and the yards are generally not accessible by public transportation.
**One sat untouched as long as six months. It belonged to a woman whose sister is on the police force.

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