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And yet, liberals are the conspiracy mongers.
Recently, I received a political pamphlet in the mail from the "Parent’s Rights Coalition/Article 8 Alliance" concerning the outcome of a primary I voted in. It appears that the group is not satisfied with the results since the incumbent, a democrat who took a vehement stance against gay marriage, was defeated. Rather than acknowledge that the challenger, a young man who is openly gay and willingly discussed his support of same-sex marriage, may actually have been chosen by the public in a popular vote to represent their interests, the Article 8 Alliance is attempting to play the victory as a the result of a vast, secret homosexual agenda.

While I was reading about their objections over national gay-rights groups having gotten involved in Massachusetts politics, I started wondering if they harbor similar objections to national groups like the Family Research Council (FRC), Concerned Women of America (CWA), and Focus on Family(FOF) which have been at the heart of the right’s response to the SJC ruling.

I’m also curious where A8A’s funding comes from, but I’m just crazy like that.

Apparently, God hates gays, liberals, AND small furry animals.
While I won’t fault a man for having deeply abiding faith, I think there are real reasons to be concerned with any individual who is incapable of recognizing that the US was founded with an understanding that government and religion have deeply corrupting influences on one another. The alarm over Bush’s fundamentalism really isn’t focused on the idea that he prays for guidance. It has far more to do with the hubris that grows from the belief that one acts as God’s hands. I cannot support a president who is incapable of admitting to error, and I actively dislike one who assumes a paternalistic attitude to the voting public. Accountability matters.

At best, Dubya is a genuinely faithful man who intends to turn America a properly Christian nation. (Whether that vision begins to look like a kind of Christian Taliban state is up for debate...) At worst, he's being disingenuous, playing the Christianity card to sway the bloc of voters whose primary concerns going into the 2004 elections are "morality" and "family values."

The truth probably lies somewhere in between.

At any rate, all of this has led into sharing spam that burkean posted yesterday, likely crafted by the ever-so-thoughtful "family values" voters. In it, you will find "Biblical Reasons" to vote for Dubya and against Kerry in the upcoming election. Who'da thunk that the Old Testament could have predicted the outcome of the 2004 elections?

If you can come up with how all the citations have anything to do with the issues noted, I’ll give you a cookie. I promise.

Reasons to VOTE FOR Bush:

1) President Bush Is A Bold Believer In Jesus Christ!

God urgently warns leaders and nations never to forget Him (Ps 9:17).
The fear of God is the chief Biblical qualification for any leader
(Ex 18:21). No man should become President who fails to understand that
he and America must give account to the God of the Bible. Bush's
lifestyle is consistent with his profession of faith. Insiders say he is
a man of prayer. Even liberal Newsweek magazine wrote, this presidency
is the most resolutely faith-based in modern times an enterprise
founded, supported and guided by trust in the temporal and spiritual
power of God.

2) He is a True Leader A Man of Both Vision & Moral Character
A leaders values and moral character are as important as his leadership
skills (1 Tim 3:1; Dt 17:15-20). The Presidents decency, clean living &
kindly manner have restored dignity to the White House. With a steady
hand and considerable proficiency, he has guided our nation through very
rough waters. His grace to endure abuse from his enemies is gift. Bush
is an excellent leader.

3) George W. Bush Values the Sanctity Of Human Life!
One of his first official acts was to eliminate federal funding for
groups that promoted abortion abroad. He supported and signed the
Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act and the Unborn Victims of Violence Act.
He firmly rejects all human cloning and drew the line against federal
funding for embryonic stem cell research. Above all, he has appointed
strict constructionists” to the federal courts and promises to appoint
only such to the Supreme Court. Until Roe v Wade is overturned in the
High Court, abortion will perpetually curse America (Gen 9:5-6; Dt
30:19; 2 Kg 24:2-4).

4) He Supports Biblical Marriage & a Federal Marriage Amendment
Denouncing activist judges and local officials" who want to "redefine
marriage," the President says, If we are to prevent the meaning of
marriage from being changed forever, [we] must enact a constitutional
amendment…” Advocates of homosexual marriage add blasphemy against
their Creator to their crime of approving what God calls an
abomination” (Lev 18:22-30; Heb 13:4).

5) The President Is Dedicated to America's Defense
When terrorists attacked on 9-11-2001, President Bush was the leader
America needed. He chose to respond not with timid police action, but by
taking the War to the terror-sponsoring nations. He reorganized our
homeland security agencies and put them on wartime footing. Bush
understands that we are in a clash of civilizations; that to save
Judeo-Christian culture, we must win, however long it takes. His choice
of Defense personnel, dismantling of the ABM Treaty and support for the
Aegis Missile Defense system set the tone of his administration. His
Axis of Evil” speech put our Islamist and Communist enemies on notice
that this President would defend Americans and their interests. Our
fighting men are eager to follow this Commander-in-Chief (Neh 4:14).

6) He is Committed to the Administration of Justice
George Bush's appointment of Christian statesman John Ashcroft as U.S.
Attorney General and his nomination of judges who will apply the
Constitution as it was intended by its writers, revealed his conviction
for justice. His respect for the sanctity of human life, the Biblical
cornerstone for the administration of justice, sets Bush apart as the
only electable presidential candidate (Gen 9:6; Ex 21:13; Rom 13:3-4).

7) Bush has Upheld U.S. Sovereignty amid Encroaching Internationalism
President Bush refuses to subject Americas fighting men to scrutiny by
the International Criminal Court. He has firmly rejected the Kyoto
(global warming) Treaty. He stands boldly against the U.N. and World
opinion when American interests are at stake (Ps 74:17).

8) He Fosters Free Enterprise & Resists Creeping, Humanistic Socialism
George Bush wants free enterprise solutions for Americas Socio-Economic
problems. His plans to reduce health insurance costs for small business
employees and to make Social Security solvent will bolster the economy.
He is determined to eliminate discrimination against faith-based groups
(Ex 20:15).

9) Bush's Tax Cuts are the Biblical Way to Grow the Economy
God views a 10% tax as oppressive (1 Sam 8:14-18). Yet Democrats want to
raise taxes to expand failed social programs. President Bushs
across-the-board cuts and tax credits for families with children are
stimulating the economy and creating new jobs. Letting Americans to keep
their own money to spend, save and give as they see fit, and requiring
Government to tighten its belt - is the right thing to do.

10) President Bush Stands by Israel, Often Alone
God promises to bless all who bless Israel (Gen 12:3). President Bush's
call for Arafat's ouster, support for Israel's security wall and some
permanent settlements, his faith in Israel's claim to their land and
limited rights of return for Palestinians, his firm support for Israel's
right to self defense and commitment to keep Israel militarily strong,
have proven Bush a true friend to the Jewish people

Conclusion: The President is not perfect and he may not be hard-line
enough for some conservatives, but a President must govern 295 million
diverse Americans. Unless there is revival in the Church and Awakening
in America, we may never elect a more conservative President. General
Tommy Franks said of Bush, He is a man of high moral fiber to whom I
would trust my children and grandchildren.” The fate of our children
and grandchildren is precisely what is at stake.

May Christians Everywhere Pray:
• Stir Americans, but especially Christians, to vote in November
overwhelming to reelect President George W. Bush. May God-fearing Men &
Women be elected to other offices, who will help make America a nation
You can bless. DEFEAT every WICKED candidate, especially those who
foster the shedding of innocent blood! In Jesus Name, AMEN (Gen 12:3; 2
Chr 7:14; 140:8-11; Pr 14:34; 21:31; 115:14; Is 32:1-8; 42:13; Dan
9:4-19; Mt 21:21-22).

Reasons to Vote AGAINST Kerry:

1) Kerry Will Prolong Americas Abortion Nightmare

John Kerry has long opposed every pro-life measure offered in the U.S.
Senate while avidly advocating abortion rights. NARAL rates Kerrys
record as 100% pro-choice.” His support for human embryo research will
lead to tax-funded harvesting of human embryos. God promises to punish
any people who passively tolerate the shedding of innocent blood (Gen
4:9-11; 9:5-6; Ex 20:13; 21:22-23; Lev 20:1-5; Dt 19:10-13; Ps 9:17; Pr

2) He Will Advance the Homosexual Agenda, Including “Civil Unions” & “Marriages”
God calls homosexuality an abomination” (Lev 18:22-30). Sodom and
Gommorah serve as a perpetual reminder of Gods displeasure with this
perversion (Jude 5-7). Yet Kerry wants to welcome openly gay and
trans-sexual men and women into the military. He supports gay civil
unions - with spousal benefits. He voted against the Defense of Marriage
Act in 1996, which protects states rights not to recognize gay”
marriages performed elsewhere. Kerry vows to make local offenses against
homosexuals federal hate” crimes.

3) Kerry Will Continue Systematically to Destroy the Traditional Family
God made family the cornerstone of human civilization, yet Kerry opposes
any Federal Marriage Amendment. His commitment to abortion, feminism,
homosexuality, increased taxes, etc., will destroy families. Under
Kerry, The ACLU, People for the American Way, The United Nations,
Planned Parenthood and Hollywood will shape federal family policy (Gen
1:27-28; 2:23-24; Dt 6:4-7; Neh 4:14; Is 3:12-15; Eph 5:22-6:4; Col
3:16-21; 1 Tim 3:4; 5:8).

4) He Will Appoint Judges Hostile To Christianity & Gods Moral Order
Kerry promises to appoint only pro-choice” lifetime Supreme Court
justices and federal judges. Long after Kerry is gone, his leftist
judges will override congresses, presidents and the American people,
tyrannizing Christians and refashioning a legal system devoid of the
morals essential for Americas survival (Dt 16:18-20; Pr 16:12; 17:15;
22:28; Is 59:2-15; Mic 3:9-12).

5) Clinton Era Truth, Morality & Ethics Will Return Under Kerry
Flip-flopping, campaign lies, anger & hatred have characterized the
Kerry campaign against President Bush and will be redirected against
Christians and conservatives across America, emboldening officials who
despise God and Biblical righteousness (Ps 64:6-9; 89:14-15; Is 1:23-28;

6) Kerry Will Further the Liberal Indoctrination of America's Children
God commands parents to engraft their children with Scripture and a
Christian worldview. Yet, having made promises to the ultra-liberal
National Education Association, Kerry will increase federal funding for
teachers and expand the power of Christ-less public education (Dt 6:4-9;
11:18-21; 1 Sam 8:9-18; Pr 22:6; Jer 9:2a; Mt 18:5-6; Eph 6:4).

7) He Will Plunge America Deeper into Humanistic Socialism
Creeping socialism has displaced individual liberty, economic freedom
and the Lordship of Christ in America. Many Americans now look to
government to meet their needs (1 Sam 8:6-7). Productive workers are
overtaxed to fund an endless array of unconstitutional government
benefits. John Kerry wants to raise taxes and revive the era of "Big
Government” (Ex 20:15; 1 Sam 8:10-18; Neh 5:3-5).

8) Kerry's Radical Environmentalism Will Weaken America
Kerry will attempt to please liberal environmentalists to whom he is
indebted. He will embrace some form of the Kyoto Protocol, which experts
warn will cost the U.S. billions in compliance costs, trillions in lost
GDP, bankruptcy for a million small businesses, millions of lost jobs
and a 40% to 90% increase in consumer prices, including the cost of
fuel. Kerry will impose radical environmentalist solutions upon
businesses, governments and private property owners via far-reaching
regulations (Ex 20:3-6; Dt 4:14-19; Is 44:13-20; 45:18-20; Rom 1:18-23).

9) He Will Rush to Yield American Sovereignty to the UN & Others
Kerrys speeches reveal his strong intention to subordinate Americas
national interests to that of the World Community.” Kerry will
entangle the U.S. in a plethora of international treaties whose terms
will supercede our own laws. Questions of whether America will act to
defend itself will be submitted to the U.N. Security Council and world
opinion” (Gen 11:5-9; Dt 32:7-8; Ps 22:28; Is 2:4; Mt 24:6-14; Acts
17:26-28; Rev 19:11-16).

10) Kerry Will Neuter America's Military & Embolden our Enemies
National security is a God-ordained role of civil government (Rom 13).
Kerry's well-known antagonism toward the military, lie-filled
congressional testimony, radical anti-war activities, unwillingness to
back our troops in vote after vote and opposition to improved weapons
and intelligence systems, all disqualify him from leading our troops. (1
Chr 12:32-38; Ez 3:1-6; Pr 22:3; Lk 11:21-22; 14:31-32; Jn 10:10-16; I
Tim 5:8).

Lord, Help us to Pray:
• Lord, AMERICA HAS SINNED GRIEVOUSLY! We deserve crushing judgment
via unrighteous rulers, but we plead with you for MERCY. Stir Your
people to PRAY & VOTE for leaders who will use their influence to turn
America back to You (Ex 15:13; 18:21; Dt 17:15-20; Josh 24:15; Nu
14:11-19; 2 Chr 7:14; Neh 9:32-36; Jonah 3:5-10; John 1:14; 2:15-18; 1
Sam 8:5-20; Is 44:24-45:4; Zec 11:16; Tit 3:10-11).

Your tax dollars at work in the Age of Paranoia.
Taken from d2leddy
A livejournal user claims to have been paid a visit by the Secret Service for statements she wrote following the presidential debates. To be fair, if the reports of the content of her post are true, what she wrote was pretty outrageous. Then again, so is a visit from the Secret Service over an LJ rant. I can't speak to the veracity of the story, but this is not the first instance of something like this happening. Either way, consider this a reminder that Big Brother is watching.

Please be careful out there.

Emimen's "Mosh"

Two years ago, this video would not have been approved by a single record label. A year ago it would never had the possibility of being played on television. -Ian Inaba, Director

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