Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

For the Record: Things That Have Upset Me This Week

The inexplicable injury of my pinky finger.

Not being sure when I can take time to have that injury looked at to determine if it is broken.

Having my car towed.

The bottom-feeder at the tow yard who neglected to tell me that the only acceptable form of payment was cash.

Losing my debit card after having acquired said cash.

Dealing with five levels of automated responses before getting to the phone drone who informed me that he couldn’t help unless I knew my account number.

Learning that I am now without a debit card for the next "five to seven business days."

Having someone pick a fight over an absurdist statement I made here that he deliberately misconstrued.

Feeling like I’m too unfocused to keep up with my work.

Feeling like I’m too freakin’ dumb to keep up with some of you.

My weight.

My finances.

My lack of sleep.

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