Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Hair trigger

I’ve not been throwing with any consistency for months now. This is not a good thing, and has likely contributed to the cyclical angst that’s been plaguing me. The pattern is frighteningly simple. Find something I love and throw myself headlong into it. Have some sort of realization that I’m lacking somehow, and that mastery will forever be unattainable. Get depressed, drift away, and come back years later wondering what it was that led me to stop. And truly, there is nothing like the infernal noise of self-recrimination to dampen one’s spirits.

Yesterday, I pulled out my big very little book of random musings and came across something that Darrell had said and that I recorded: “Everyone’s an artist.”

To allay any confusion, this wasn’t some feel-good observation acknowledging the need to create that can be found within everyone. No, this was a comment made in a conversation where another student whose office was sponsoring a showing of art created by employees was in the process of tearing apart the paintings and photography of one of his colleagues. The best that he had to say about her work was that it was “okay for someone who’s beginning” but that she was crazy to think of herself as an artist.

Since he discarded all semblance of constructive critique in that conversation, I don’t feel ashamed noting that his pots tend to be heavy, arrogant pieces that are reasonably competent from a structural standpoint and utterly devoid of aesthetic merit. They are, in a word, ugly. I can’t even begin to imagine what his photographs are like.

Darrell surprised me, though, with “Everyone’s an artist.” Granted, he’s a professional artist and will have a certain perspective that stems from that, but the statement was so disdainful and dismissive that there was no mistaking his meaning. Art is made by the gifted, and anyone not gifted should not be able to call themselves an artist.

I felt like I was swimming around that dock all over again.

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