Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

My eyes are rolling. They're rolling for you.

I find it just a little absurd that the indictment of the French still gets tossed around by conservatives. When in a recent discussion someone commented that the French are, "a nation of cowards and traitors to the organizations to which they belong," I couldn't help but wonder if the French thought that Americans were "a nation of cowards" when we chose, on two separate occasions, to sit on our haunches for a full two years before interceding when their nation was invaded by an aggressive foreign power.... or that we were, "traitors to organizations to which (we) belong,"* when we chose to flout the UN to engage in a preemptive war against another sovereign state.

There must be a great deal of comfort in ignoring the historical continuum.

*I also wonder how many conservatives have a memory long enough to note that it was republicans who opposed US participation in NATO's peacekeeping action in the Balkans. Among things said about Clinton's "micro wars" were that they were:

"poorly considered and unlikely to achieve our desired ends." - Dick Armey, R-Texas
"just another bad idea in a foreign policy without a focus." - Tom Delay, R-Texas

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