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Now where did THAT come from?

I had one of those nights where I actually got a full eight hours of sleep. It wasn’t planned, but when my alarm went off this morning at 6:30, my embattled mind decided that waving my hand over the hyper-sensitive snooze plate was not enough and actually turned off the alarm altogether. The result was an hour-long post-sleep nap, and I woke from it groggy and unable to walk in a straight line without concentrating.

Had a bizarre dream where I was at a party that was taking place at multiple houses where folks were spontaneously having sex or otherwise making nice to each other’s soft parts just for the sake of knowing the feeling. Yeah, I know it sounds tawdry, but there was something that was incredibly sweet about it all, and it felt like the whole was less about personal gratification than about sharing the experience.

Don’t know... it might be that I’m just trying to rationalize it, which a little harder to do when I'm considering things like our creating "toys" from nothing thanks to the wonders of nano-technology. You haven’t lived until you’ve discussed dildo features at length with a potential dream lover.


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