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Nothing that shows on the outside.

I embraced the sea before I woke. The touch of water seems gentle and yielding, but that idea is nothing but deception. Each wave drags you further and further down, and as you plummet to its depths, the threat becomes more clear. Water can smother and water can crush. I floated and was aware of the danger.

When I woke, my skin felt too alive. Touch has been nothing short of a separate awareness. The body screams with sensation, and the mind becomes exhausted making sense of it. Everything has become focused on a single point. A test pattern displayed with a tonal throb. The pain is exquisite. The pain is excruciating.

One of the three movies I rented today made me cry. It's always unusual love stories. Boundaries are systematically broken down until the images begin to work on me. Something is wrong, I say. I am lonely, but that's not it. No, I am not who I am. For the sake of avoiding pain and uncertainty, I am become something else, at least to myself. Or for myself. I can't explain it, I say.

...and I can't.

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