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For Giftmas, my mother stepsister and her husband gave me an EDME English IPA homebrew kit. For those of you who are unaware of such things, kits like this promise to contain "everything you need to brew great beer" even though they don't include equipment and generally require you to buy at least some additional ingredients. What you do get is instructions (in metric!), some basic ale yeast, and a large can of pre-hopped liquid malt extract. For those of you who are not in the know about such things, pre-hopped LME is suboptimal unless you are particularly into the convenience of it. It's difficult to know what kind of hops schedule they used and as a result, it's a little more difficult to adapt to your tastes.

Regardless, I'm going to try. I've armed myself with another 3 lbs of dried malt extract, a full pound of grains (Maris Otter, Cara Amber, and Malted Rye(!)), and whole Fuggles (2oz.) and Cascade (1oz.) hops and will make an attempt to formulate something interesting and drinkable out of this kit. It's a crazy idea that just might work.

Unless there are huge objections, Sunday is the day. As always, there will be HKAB with something like waffles early (suggestions for food and/or movie selections are welcome), followed by a boil beginning sometime around noon-thirty. Depending on interest and time, I may get totally crazy and try my hand at making some soft cheese too.

I know it's shortish notice, but if you can make it I'd love the company. I'm more than happy to send you directions or arrange to shuttle you from Davis.

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