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A little less than a happy high
In the silence and darkness
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khourytamarisk From: khourytamarisk Date: April 30th, 2002 09:16 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: This is what he pays me for

My problem lies in the cultural assumptions around being washed up if you've hit a certain age...

I agree completely....which is why I feel age isn't just a number. When I was in high school I was hardly ever carded for cigarrettes, and people assumed that I was in my twenties when I was 16. I was how I carried myself, and the simple fact that I didn't act like the majority of high school females.

I was older then than I am now. I, now, think I act a bit closer to my actual age. My maturity level hasn't suffered because of this, but I find myself not feeling as dragged down as I used to feel. I feel like more options are open to me now than ever before, and, I think, that has to do with feeling more my actual age instead of older, which is the way I felt when I was a teenager.

I don't know. Maybe I'm unique in this reasoning, maybe I'm not. But I do know that when I wake up and my arthritis or allergies aren't bothering me, I feel like I did three years ago and my whole outlook on life (for at least that day) changes. Age is a physical and emotional thing for me. The actual years don't matter to me except in a legal sense.

Which might explain why I have more friends that are older than me than younger, and why I have always preferred to date men older than myself.

Eh, I'm rambling. Must eat lunch now...
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