Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Foodie (Foody?)

Last night's dinner was a new attempt at Poulet Nicoise. I managed to track down some proper, regional olives and this was a perfect change. Previous iterations had relied on Kalamata olives which are a great deal saltier and cary more "spice" than the Nicoise, and the toned-down flavor let other tastes, especially the sweetness of the shallot and onion, really shine through. Simple accompaniments - some rice and a salad of bitter greens - topped the whole thing off. For the record, I really should think to make plans with people before I start cooking.

In an unexpected turn, when I first went to brown the chicken, a fair amount of hot oil splashed on me. The good news is that my injuries were limited to a few tiny spatter burns on my wrist. The bad news is that the sweater and jeans I was wearing, thanks to their role as "protective covering," have now become "cooking clothes" for the duration of their lives. I'll still wear them threadbare, but it's not likely that I'll use them to impress the ladies any time soon.

The IPA is coming along nicely, though I'm left wishing that the hops character was more prevalent throughout. As it stands, there's a lot of hops aroma to start out followed by a pronounced bitterness. What's missing is a distinct flavor of hops in between. I think I was a little too conservative adding hops to the boil, but to be fair I had no idea how the hopped extract would act with my own additions. The overall taste profile can be charted so: o_O

What I want to know is who's next to wear the Hat of Authority?

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