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Kid just loves him some cows

The cheese plate

One day soon, I'll write about something other than food. Today, apparently, is not that day.

Folks are gathering tonight to watch the second to last Carnivale, and I've decided not just to bring cheese, but to assemble plates for anyone intrigued. I've inadvertently found my way to a selection of iterations of cow's milk cheese, and the plan so far is:

Fromage Blanc with Maine blueberry preserves: Fresh cheese of my own making, and preserves made by the parents of one of my coworkers.

Pierre Robert: French triple cream.

Aged Mahón with unfiltered olive oil, black pepper and tarragon: From Menorca and served in the traditional fashion. This one's for Sam, if only because I keep talking it up to her.

... and a fourth. I think I'd like to include something like a Stilton or some other blue, but I can't remember how many of us are unfond of blues. The alternative is a well-aged hard cheese like Parmigiano-Reggiano or Mimolette. Comments/suggestions are appreciated.


For the curious, these are the cheeses included in our cheese course at No. 9 Park (at least to the best of my remembrance...)
Taleggio (cow, Italy)
Gratte Paille (triple cream cow, France)
Comte (cow's milk gruyere style, Jura, France)
Aged Gorgonzola (cow, Italy)
Pradera (extra-aged cow's milk gouda, Holland)
Selles Sur Chere (goat, France)
Chevre des Collines (goat, Pyrennees, France)
Berkswell (sheep, England)

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