April 9th, 2002

The gentleman is always properly dressed

A journey of a thousand miles

missmelysse found her way to my lj over the weekend as part of a six degrees-type game that someone on Open Diary created. I thought it was an interesting idea, being something of a departure from my normal lj exploration along lines of interest, and have decided to give it a run.

Basically, the idea is to start with someone you know and then follow links to their readers, and then their readers, etc. The rules of the game are as follows:

1) The first link in your chain must be someone on your friends list.
2) You choose one of their commenters, and read a few of their entries. Leave a note.
3) Select a commenter from that person, and repeat.
4) List the links and any observations of, say, whether you seem to share interests or if there are other commenters whom you recognize, in an entry in your LJ.
5) Don't judge. The idea is to explore the folks read by the folks you read.
6) Avoid following links to people who are already on YOUR friends list.
7) Number of links should be between six and ten.

This will likely be a long process for me since I feel like I should to delve as deeply as I can before moving on. I'm thinking it'll be days before I'm through, but I will get the process started today.

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The gentleman is always properly dressed

When life starts looking like a commercial

Overheard conversation with my crazy friend:

[SueBee]: See you tomorrow, 2ish?? (don't want to walk though.)
[Komos]: Why no walking? Depressed ag'in?
[SB]: No, I'm not depressed, just lazy. Do you want to start a walking program with me next week for health reasons? Walking lifts the spirit and promotes good health. I feel that I'm getting just a little bit too chubby again and would like to lose 10-20 lbs. I need to do it before September 1st. How about it???
[K]: Whatever. I'm not in tomorrow because I've a meeting in West Newton. And what's with the health club ad? You sound like you write copy for Healthworks or something.
[SB]: Friday then? Maybe. Physical fitness should be a way of life. Sedentary folks don't do well.