May 1st, 2002

The gentleman is always properly dressed

"Hey, who's the hobo here?"

If I were a superstitious sort (and I'm not... in spite of my reluctance to get a grocery store card and let them track what I EAT), I'd swear that anxiety is your psyche's way of telling you to get off your arse and do something because long-term depression is just too boring. It's a pity that it's as debilitating and a damned sight more scary.

In case you're wondering, I had another panic attack earlier this evening. I did manage to stave it off (mostly) by hauling myself out of the house to do laundry and have dinner. I ate too much and wish I had accomplished more, but there you have it.

On the upside, I'm very tired, and getting to sleep will be little problem.
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The gentleman is always properly dressed

Things that have amused me today

1) The trees blossoming on Beacon Hill. I think of them as cherry blossoms, but I really have no idea what they are... their flowers are the same color as Cherry Garcia ice cream and feel as smooth.

2) My reaction to the alterna-teen couple who asked for directions to the Freedom Trail in broken English. I had assumed that they were some artsy folks from Emerson, and almost laughed with delight when they revealed themselves as tourists. I gestured wildly to get them where they needed to go.

3) The guy who was playing the didgeridoo in the park. If I wasn’t so skittish, I would have asked him about it. I would so love to learn how to play one of those things. I mean, how can you not like a musical instrument that’s played by blowing raspberries into it?

4) The stuffed purple beastie that someone propped up on the fence of the Public Gardens.

5) Ms_E’s mention of the color, cranberry, in recounting her dream. (I don’t know why.)

6) Sam talking about Yoga and butts.

7) The fact that I managed not to bring the O Brother, Where Art Thou cd into work along with its case.
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    Alison Krauss, "Down to the River to Pray"