June 10th, 2002

The gentleman is always properly dressed

I don't want to give the wrong idea but...

I ended yesterday feeling the dread I usually only see when I’m waking up. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about... it’s that rare (and rarer for some than others), curious feeling that you get when you wake up staring at the ceiling and consider whether putting your eyes out with hot coins wouldn’t be preferable to getting up to face the day. When you do finally lurch out of bed, it feels like all of your limbs are made of lead and attached to your body with something about as substantial as a layer of cheesecloth. Considering that this came on me at a point when I wasn’t waking up, wasn’t lying down, and could confess having a pretty good weekend, I consider the experience as a harbinger of the week to come.

Mmmmm... dread... agghghhhhh.

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