June 19th, 2002

The gentleman is always properly dressed

A week goes by, and then this??

Horoscope for the day:

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 – Feb. 28) Your dreams are likely to yield some important information – but the big surprise is likely to come when you least expect it.

This morning I slept straight through my alarm because I was in the midst of a pretty bizarre dream. It began with me shopping for bicycling gear with Jim, and I distinctly remember he and I discussing the merits of a helmet that was ostensibly designed for in-line skaters. (Side note, I still wish I had gotten the “scare-dy cat” shirt I looked at while at the height of my riding madness. Sam knows what I’m talking about.)

When we finished, we walked up the hill to the Tufts campus and were poking fun at the residents of a dorm (not ours) that had won the coveted but inexplicable “green sticker.” We walked away and passed by one of the frat houses in full party mode. The double doors of the manse were swung wide open, and it appeared that they were having some sort of hybrid formal. I was about to turn to Jim to say, “You know, I’ve never even set foot in this building…” when my friend Molly came running up to us from within wearing nothing but a towel.

Molly led us to a student lounge somewhere nearby where we met up with more people that we knew. While we were all talking, Molly brushed up close to me and took my hand to hold, but wouldn’t let me lace my fingers in hers. She smiled at me and then walked across the room to a really cute brunette and started kissing her. Everyone in the room went silent and that’s when I woke up.

So what is it that I'm supposed to glean from this? It looks like more flotsam and jetsam of the psyche than anything.

I'm feeling incredibly disoriented.
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The gentleman is always properly dressed

Don't know why it struck me

From the continuing conversations with my crazy friend at work:

[S]: You should be a professor at an exclusive university.
[P]: I don’t know. I think that my prospective employers might have an issue with little things like my not having a doctorate and being terrified of writing and all…
[S]: You have very low self-esteem.
[P]: You noticed?
[S]: Yeah, and it’s very low. I don’t even know why. It just doesn’t make sense. It seems like you have everything going for you but you just can’t see it.
[P]: I guess.
[S]: I can’t figure it out. You have lower self-esteem than me, and that’s saying a lot. Do you know why you just don’t believe in yourself, what you’re capable of?
[P]: I don’t think there’s a nutshell answer. I’ve been in therapy for years trying to figure out just that.
[S]: Well, what do you think?
[P]: I think I should be writing this down.
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The gentleman is always properly dressed


Well, I finally managed to clear away enough debris in the ongoing office project to re-wire myself. Yeah, it's not like it's a big deal or anything, but it is kind of entertaining having a PC up and ready to go at home.

I still need to figure out what to do with The Blue Desk, the extra bookcase, and the ongoing file problem. (As usual, it's all about storage.) I'm also not sure I can tolerate the ~4 degree incline on this side of the room that I didn't notice until I moved everything into place. Time will tell.

I do hope you're well.
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