September 27th, 2002

The gentleman is always properly dressed


This morning was simply perfect for Royal Crown Revue. I was singing bits of The Contender in the shower, so I decided pretty early that that would be the disk that would see me through the day. CD player out, disk loaded and out the door. In spite of the rain, I decided to walk to Davis, and once the headphones went on, I knew that I had stumbled onto something special. The Contender put a swagger in my step. Walkin’ Like Brando and Zip Gun Bop had me grinning like an idiot. By the time I hit the bop-ified euphemisms of Friday the 13th, I was laughing out loud and all but dancing up Tuft's hill.

I must have been a sight - crazy guy in the rain nursing fantasies of black and white wing tips and sharkskin suits. Wish I could blow horn or play standing base. I’d be hep.
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    Royal Crown Revue, "Salt Peanuts"
The gentleman is always properly dressed

Medial Axis Transformation?

Japanese scientists believe that they have uncoded the reasons why visitors are so profoundly affected by the Ryoanji Temple garden in Kyoto. It seems that the garden is a deliberate minimalist depiction of a branching tree, an image that is naturally pleasing to our subconscious.


Sometimes, I think we were far better off as superstitious monkeys. It seems that it's not enough for us to simply experience any longer. We must tear apart, analyze, and ultimately, demystify. Tell me though, even if science is able to explain why it rains, can it make sense of why sometimes the rain makes me want to laugh out loud, and others it places me in a mood darker than the clouds overhead? Yeah, you're right... it's probably coming.

Where is the poetry, damn it? Or is an explanation why poetry affects us coming next?
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The gentleman is always properly dressed

Yoda as 17th Century Swordsman

Is the Dark Side stronger? Per usual, the answer is "No... easier, more seductive," though this time the admonition doesn't come from a diminuitive puppet in one of George Lucas' films, but from a treatise on historical Spanish Swordsmanship by Maestro Ramon Martinez:

...if the mind and body are trained to size up a situation and react in a logical manner the chances of victory along with survival are increased many times over. This precludes reacting in an uncouth illogical manner derived from the desperation of self preservation. Carranza said: "The vulgar (fencer), although he professes knowledge of swordsmanship, is easy to discover when in times of anger and conflict he forgets his professed skill, committing vulgarity in his manner and action." Carranza also warns that: "If the skill of the swordsman is 'invented' the swordsman in a time of danger is forsaken by his false skill."
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