October 8th, 2002

The gentleman is always properly dressed

Maybe I'm someone important.... like an actor

There’s an alternate reality I’ve come from where the front door of Sam’s parents’ house has one of those old-fashioned twist-to-ring doorbells. I remember it very clearly. Now, there’s a pineapple that says "Welcome" in the space where the crank should be, reportedly made by the youngest of her older brothers. I remember the crank, and the sound that the bell made on the other side of the door. I remember this because Sam there was a time that she had forgotten her keys and wasn’t expecting the door to be locked. She gathered their mail from the oversized box on the stoop, tried the door, then twisted the bell crank. Her father answered the door.

None of this ever happened. Not here, anyway.

Sam teases me about it every once in a while, probably because I refuse to believe that the doorbell was never there. Last night she reminded me of a contract that has existed between us that delineates our responsibilities and obligations. I was never aware of such a thing, but I’m told that it was signed after our third date. I’m also told that I agreed to such a thing because I had just gotten head and was rather suggestible at the time.

I didn’t get head on our third date. Alternate reality again.

I’m thinking that all contractual obligations aside, this other reality might be a better place for me. I mean, if nothing else, I seem to get oral more frequently.
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