December 19th, 2002

The gentleman is always properly dressed

Could the ads have lied?

Every once in a while I see refrigeration/HVAC specialists and I’m tempted to ask them what it’s like having the job of tomorrow, today, or whether the career is as exciting and rewarding as it’s made out to be.

They never seem as happy or excited as the guys in the commercials.
The gentleman is always properly dressed

Another child of a "seen but not heard" home

I hate that most of the time I’m afraid to say or write things because I’m convinced that I’ll inadvertently say something wrong or hurtful or dumb. I hate that when I actually do find my voice and put something down, I’m plagued with constant second-guessing. I tear myself apart with this regularly. Between my hyper-developed sense of propriety, my fear of being judged, and my desire that the people around me (at least) be happy, it’s a wonder that I ever speak, much less write.

And I’m terribly sorry if I’ve been wrong or hurtful or dumb.
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